What is BFit?


BFit is a fun, fast, high-intensity workout without the heavy barbells or advanced gymnastics of a traditional CrossFit class.

We think of it as CrossFit “unloaded”. In a BFit class, your workouts will include bodyweight movements such as lunges, squats, push ups, sit ups in addition to endurance exercises such as running, skipping and rowing. There are also some weighted movements with light weights, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.


How to get started

Classes are 1 hour long.

BFit class times are:

Monday 6pm
Tuesday 6pm
Wednesday 7am
Thursday 7pm
Friday 6am
Saturday 8am


There is no beginners course or On-Ramp needed for BFit!


(Existing CrossFit Brooklyn members can attend BFit classes as part of their membership)

Contact Kirsty for fees and TO BOOK A TRIAL CLASS.