Getting to Know: Coach Ludwig

1) Name: Ludwig

2) Age: 26 on a young day.

3) What do you do when you are not at the box?

I train at the box or sit in my dungeon thinking of horrible ways to torture CFB members. #pain #youaremybitches #ienjoyit #medballclean&wallclimbersarecominginaWOD

4) How did you start CrossFit and how long have you been doing it?

I started CrossFit in December 2011 at Polokwane to get in shape for rugby, but once I got infected, I never left.

5) What is your biggest achievement since starting CrossFit?

Becoming a coach at CrossFit Brooklyn #BOOM

6) What is your best and worst movement or WOD?

All except F*$&ing thrusters.

7) Most memorable moment at CFB?

There are so many but probably our first “Open”(not Opens) we had on a Saturday – the atmosphere was amazing. #haveyousignedupyet

8) Who inspires you at the box and why?

All the people that start at the gym who are not in shape, but keep coming back and never miss a session and eventually they change for the better #word #truth

9) Any words of wisdom to your fellow CFBers or newbies?

Learn how to move well, then fast, and then heavy. It’s not easy but it is how we become better #havefun  oh and DON’T EVER COME LATE! #youknowwhoyouare