Marijke B

Getting to Know: Marijke Bezuidenhout

1. Name: Marijke Bezuidenhout

2. Age: 20

3. What do you do when you are not at the box?

I am studying BCOM Business management half the time and the other half I am on set of the Afrikaans soap Binnelanders playing a matric girl Liezl. When there’s an hour to spare during the day, I spend it in a contemporary; Latin or any other kind of dance class.

4. How did you start CrossFit and how long have you been doing it?

I started doing CrossFit while I was in Los Angeles. I was actually just trying to work off all the Dunkin Doughnuts and fell in love with CrossFit. I’ve been doing it for more or less a year and a half.

5. What is your biggest achievement since starting CrossFit?

Definitely getting my first bar muscle up.

6. What is your best and worst movement or WOD?

My favourite movement would be pull-ups (even though I only recently started actually getting them), they make me feel like one of Charlies’ Angels. (yes I know, very bad ass).

My worst movement is without a doubt, wall balls. No matter what they keep hitting me in the face.

7. Most memorable moment at CFB?

The first time my hands tore. This might seem silly but for me it was a huge wake-up call that CrossFit demands respect and if you want to get better, you are going to have to push your body way further than you originally planned on doing.

8. Who inspires you at the box and why?

Nadine Roos. In my eyes, she is the definition of wonder woman. She is so young yet so full of ambition, drive and passion and she has the kindest heart.

9. Any words of wisdom to your fellow CFBers or newbies?

Make sure you have an amazing, supportive boyfriend who can help you wash your hair when you tear your hands doing pull-ups!