C Le Grange

Getting to Know: Christo Le Grange

  1. Name: Christo Le Grange
  2. Age: 32
  3. What do you do when you are not at the box?

Business Analyst by day, and Research Analyst (into my hobbies) at night.

I like researching new ways to improve my CrossFit weaknesses and improving overall movements. I recently started reading up on origin stories of athletes and successful people in general, and watching documentaries and listening to podcasts. I love music and music trends, like new genres and artists hitting the scene. I’ve also got technology FOMO, so staying on top of tech trends.

4. How did you start CrossFit and how long have you been doing it?

We did ‘CrossFit’ workouts with our then Bootcamp coach, Filthy 50 and Fran over a couple weekends. After we did Bootcamp (2010-2012) for about 2 years together, my friend Paul Van der Merwe and my brother Henning Le Grange joined a CrossFit box, I think it was only a matter of time I joined, coupled with watching videos of the 2011 Open workouts.

5. What is your biggest achievement since starting CrossFit?

6th Place in 2015 Open at CrossFit Brooklyn and 748th in Africa.

6. What is your best and worst movement or WOD?

Best movement is Overhead Squat and Squat Snatch, not that it’s easy\best, but it’s similar to a perfect piece of art if it is done correctly. My worst movement is definitely a burpee and running.

Worst WOD was 14.5. Burpees and Thrusters.*unhappy face*…Best WOD I don’t know, I’m average at a lot, not great… but I do like nice partner Chipper.

7. Most memorable moment at CFB?

There is a couple…but probably the events: UWS, Throwdown and Last man Standing…specially the events where Ricky or one of our own reach the finals and the spirit and passion in which we support them is borderline emotional…it’s like supporting your rugby team right next the sideline. I think it’s because we know what the people are going through and one empathises with that. Last Man Standing Team ’15 and my first UWS ’13 stands out as well.

The Box events like the charity stuff, CrossFit Games camp out and Summer\Winter Challenges are also very memorable.

8. Who inspires you at the box and why?

There are many whose aspirations I try to incorporate into my training and life…

Both my brother Henning and Paul are inspiring as they constantly want to improve even if both respectively have often felt they aren’t progressing, yet they keep chipping away at trying to reach their goals and improving, and you can see it in their lifts and WOD times.

Handre Van Niekerk is one of the best athletes at the box, or when he’s injured, he at least tries to be just that, with those aspirations comes a lot of aches and pains but also the rewards and the contagious positive goals. The work-life-CrossFit balance is a constant juggle for all of us, Handre best exemplifies the pursuit of that balance.

And every box needs a spirit of the community encapsulated in the form of a person or a Greek in this case. Most of us see each other regularly because you train most days, it’s not easy being approachable and nice all of the time, but George Bourdos and Cheryl Moolman share that enthusiasm for the community and uplifting demeanour.

9. Any words of wisdom to your fellow CFBers or newbies?

Support the people at the box and attend events, even if you don’t compete, it’s the quickest way to make friends and keep the awesome community vibe at the box. If making friends isn’t your thing, come to a Saturday morning thing, do a partner or team workout or sign up for United We Stand. That’s the best way to network.

If you really struggle with a movement, sometimes, it’s better to leave it, go home, think about the movement cues and points of performance and get your head a around it, then try it again a couple days later. CrossFit movements and workouts consist of a physical and mental part.

Stop smoking, I did it for 10 years, it really does not help anything, accept for ‘looking cool’. When you have a fit body because of CrossFit, that’s gonna be cool and badass enough anyway…

And lastly

Never skip class! Habit is your friend, and the sooner you start doing CrossFit, the better. It’s not an fad, it’s the type of fitness that grownups do! We don’t have time to mess around, figuring new forms of fitness programs in the Virgin Active….or to “try out” other forms of General Physical Preparedness (GPP). Everyone needs this to do everyday tasks; pick up groceries, kids, climbing on stuff, DIY, and unforeseen stuff, like you injury your foot or neck or get into an accident somewhere. You heal up a lot faster and better than someone whose system is down and out. I’ve done the homework, I’ve seen the results, and we have figured it out! It’s not a miracle cure or infomercial or rocket science, it is hard work, but it just works, plain and simple.