I started CrossFit 4 months ago and I cannot begin to describe the effect it’s had on my life. I came to realise that the skinny craze (that I was a very vocal member of!) is a disease! I was always wishing for a different body and admiring the skinny girls on mags & TV and feeling guilty for everything I ate that wasn’t negative calories! Gym was always a guilt trip and the mirrors always reflected a me that I didn’t want to be.

And now, though I’m nowhere near the definition of “ripped”, I love my body and what it’s doing! I love the potential I feel! I’ve learnt that food is fuel not the enemy! And when I see the skinny models that I used to aspire to, my genuine thought is “Thats totally not functional. What can she possibly do with those arms/ quads/ glutes?” . 😀

I hope every girl gets to know the beauty of their own body with its own potential and power. I love this journey I’ve begun. The future has so many more colours now and I dont have to fear growing old.

I wish this revelation for everyone!


– Nyakwezi Katuliiba