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Getting to know Michael Coni…

When did you join CFB?

I joined CFB beginning of July. So I’ve been doing CossFit for about 3 Months now.

How did you hear about CrossFit?

A friend of mine, Ryan Brauer, had been doing CrossFit in Cape Town for a while and had seen some incredible results. He indirectly put me onto CFB as a result and the rest is history.

What do you remember about your first class?

My first class was more of an impromptu intro into CrossFit. I remember walking into CFB at the beginning of 6pm class on a Thursday and seeing everyone doing Squat Snatch Strength & Technique. I was like a deer in headlights. Regardless, Ricky ran over and introduced himself and then proceeded to explain in thorough detail what CrossFit was. You could immediately sense he was passionate about it and you couldn’t help but start to feel the same. It took me all of 5min and I was ready to tell everyone I knew about it. The intro class finished with me attempting 100 Squats which for me was no easy feat. As Ricky so bluntly put it I was less flexible than a rock. Needless to say I couldn’t walk for 3 days and I promptly joined the On-Ramp the following Monday.

What is your favourite movement?

My favourite movement is a toss-up between a Snatch and a Thruster.

What is your least favourite movement?

Burpees and DUs

What has CrossFit done for you?

CrossFit has had an incredible impact on my life. Not only has it improved my physical and mental wellbeing  and way of life but I’ve also been extremely fortunate to have been paired with a box filled with the most passionate and likeminded people you can imagine. Each and every one of the members at CFB, whether it’s a coach or athlete, take a personal interest in you and your CrossFit journey. CrossFit didn’t just change my life. My CrossFit Booklyn Family changed my life.