I used to be the typical anti-CrossFit protestor who made fun of the ‘CrossFit Communities’ and how every CrossFitter swears by the Paleo diet. Yes, I’ve send pictures around and changed my Facebook status to something like “How do you know when someone does CrossFit? They tell you!!! Ha-ha” Typical!

It only took about 2 weeks (not even through my on-ramp yet) for me to start telling people: “ssshhh don’t tell anyone, but I am really REALLY starting to like the whole CrossFit thing”

As with everything else in life you have to give it a fair chance before you can just discard it. So you don’t eat olives?? Have you ever tried it?

I quickly learned just how unfit I am and that the shape I am in can only be classified as ‘Round’ and not ‘fairly okay’ as I thought it to be. The ratio of my strength to bodyweight gave me a clear indication of what needs to change, not the mirror!

I learned that I’m gonna need to focus on keeping count and be in competition with myself through every single WOD! (Oh and there’s the lingo thing) even when I get tired. I’ll have to learn to push myself harder until the very end of the workout… Everyone knows that it hurts and that makes it a whole lot easier (and now it seems that I’m starting to like the community concept…) You are doing it for yourself! You are the one who will benefit from giving it your all! Plus who doesn’t want to feel good and improve?!

I realized that if I wanna keep this up I’ll have to be disciplined in keeping every single part of my life in balance. Sleep enough, eat for energy and nutrients, work hard and focus on the job, get up and go to the Box every day- no excuses… the list goes on. Somehow I recently found some motivation to do all of this – maybe its CrossFit??? and the competitiveness of it all (or my own competitiveness)…!  We all strive to be the best that we can be. It comes natural.

I like how you compete against others, cause there will always be someone stronger and faster than you, but how you actually just compete against yourself and your own PB, together with each and every other person in the box cheering you on. Even the fastest person will be happy for the slowest one for completing the WOD. Amazing!

The coaches are friendly and personally involved, but strictly focussed on precise movements which will prevent injuries and improve your ability; this makes me feel that I am in safe hands. It’s clear to see that they are good at what they do and that they have a love for sport! Inevitable not to feel right at home!

It is still early days, so I can’t say too much, but I have already learned some things about myself, as well as a valuable lesson in life: “Never judge anything or anyone in anything in life, there may be merits to it”


-Lizel Botes